The Assistant Professorship for Communication Science is part of the Institute of Labor Market and Socioeconomics at the School of Business, Economics and Society of the FAU. The professorship investigates the positive and negative consequences of digital communication (e.g., via smartphones and social media) for users’ well-being, health, and self-regulation. Current research focusses on users’ digital well-being at the interface of work and leisure, for instance, digital stress, availability pressures, procrastinatory media use, and digital communication when working from home.

The professorship works theory-driven, with a focus on media psychological and quantitative empirical approaches. Methodological foci are short-term longitudinal designs (diary & experience sampling studies), systematic literature reviews (scoping review, overviews, meta-analyses), and fostering open science practices (e.g., preregistration).

Since March 2024, the Assistant Professorship also serves as Deputy Chair for Communication Science at FAU.

Recent publications

You can find three of the most recent publications below (more publications are listed here):